Sunday, March 20, 2011

Grocery Shopping for whale camp

Maldo's Grocery Run to Town

As in all things at the camp.....this is a most interesting photo journal. Maldo has to drive to camp every 4 to 5 days to reprovision our camp supplies which include these items:
*sodas & beer
*kitchen supplies
*gasoline for the pangas
*auto supplies for repairs

There's SO much that goes into running an operation like this that this is only a HINT of what we do. I always tell my friends that it's like moving a regiment of marines through the desert during a WWII campaign and we have to keep our supply lines going and as the season goes on it's harder on all of us at camp since we have been running at 99% every day.

In Maldo's words below:

Esta foto es del mercado San Ignacio donde compro casi todo
lo nesesario para el campo como, vejetales,frutas, avarrotes etc.esta
a unas 45 millas de Laguna de San Ignacio con un camino de terraseria
en no muy buenas condiciones, al viajar se hacen aproximadamente dos horas
de ida y dos de regreso mas el tiempo en las compras.

These photos are of the San Ignacio Market where we buy almost all of our necessary thigns for the camp such as vegtables, fruit, general supplies etc...  It is 45 miles from San Ignacio Lagoon on a washboard, dirt road that takes us there in very good condition. It takes me about two hours to get to town and two hours to return plus the amount of time that it takes to purchase supplies. 

*Basically it takes Maldo a full day when he leaves camp at 7am and returns around 5pm. When Maldo goes to town, he has to buy more than just food. It's fuel for boats and a whole laundry list of things for every one of the folks that work at the camp. 

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