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February 25 thru March 01 Guide Report

Guide Report
San Ignacio lagoon
Period:  February 25 thru March 01, 2011


The following verse was written and presented on the final evening by guest Robert Dyer. In addition to a comprehensive overview of his Campo Cortez experience, he elaborates on an unfortunate but comical incident he had with a flawed “chamber-pot”. Enjoy!

We came to Baja – we number nineteen
From both coasts and in between
A common purpose – to visit the whales
To observe them from noses to tails.

Campo Cortez was our home base
Turned out to be a most special place
Met Pati and Tom, who sure know their stuff
Two gracious people we can’t thank enough.

We met Maldo, the owner and his family
As nice a family as you’ll ever see!
His wife Katalina, a.k.a. KATY ONE
Her cooking skills are second to none.

Her sister–in-law Elsa is cook number two
Katy I and Elsa’s food is great it is true!
And our great skippers, skilled on the water
Around whales, they do what they “otter”.

Cuco, Maldo’s brother and Paco and Roberto
Team Fischer – three muchachos “muy bueno”!
They can spot whales – beyond belief
With them at the helm, instant relief.

And all of you whale watchers – you’re really great
Even if you’re not from the greatest state!
Congenial and personable, and smart, as well
Your concern for the earth, it’s easy to tell.

We’ve learned a lot, about mammals, it’s true
I didn’t realize how little I knew
For example, the barnacle is really endowed
When it comes to mammals, he “sticks” out from the crowd.

Or that baby gray whales find it tasking
When “who’s your daddy” others are asking
Or how indoor plumbing which we really like
How much we miss it when we have to hike.

Speaking of plumbing – I’d like to state
An experience this morning that wasn’t so great.
At 3:00 a.m. I got a call
It was nature saying “get up y’all”

To the banos you need to trek
But, because of the cold, I said what the heck
I knew how many of you when you had to go
Stayed in your cabin and went with the flow

I made the decision I’d do like you
Take care of business in the cabin like you
I took the pitcher and into it did pour
When something strange happened down on the floor

A puddle was forming down by my feet
Which was warming, but, not really neat
You might ask, as I, why the pitcher was not filling up
Turns out I was using a ordinary dribble cup!

A hole in the bottom was the matter
Causing my feet to absorb lots of splatter
Quick thinking by me solved the riddle
I’ll now be more careful when I start to piddle

Well, thanks for listening to my verse
If I keep going it’ll just be much worse
Oh, I meant to mention the “pink floyd” thing
In California, it’s referred to as the Charlie Sheen

Have a safe trip home where’ere it be
Thanks to your staff for great hospitality
To everyone you’re my new mates
You’ve just spent time in “dyer” straits!

Written by Robert Dyer - Guest
Photo 1: Doug’s Glowing Smile, by guest Susan Silberman
Photo 2:  Last Chance Bano, by guest Miriam Bauer

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