Sunday, January 30, 2011

Disabled Access - New cabins, showers & bathrooms

Maldo just completed some new updates to a cabin, our shower facility and one of our bathrooms that now allows for wheelchair access. This i believe is a first in the lagoon. We've had travelers in the past that have used wheelchairs, walkers or crutches and merely assisted them when they required it. However, now we've gone a step further this year and made fully accessible facilities for anyone with a wheelchair, walker or on crutches.

Admittedly, Maldo may have gone a bit too far with the painted access sign and i expect we'll make that a little less harsh on the eyes, but his heart was in the right place when he made it. So Kudos to Maldo for taking on this project this season and completing the work. Obviously we welcome anyone to our base camp no matter the disability. There is no reason EVER that someone either wheelchair bound or with any disability what-so-ever should not be able to enjoy the remarkable scenery and up close whale watching experience that is at the lagoon. Our staff is comfortable and ready to introduce you to the events that await you.

Gray Whale Census January 26, 2011

So here's another official census for January 26, 2010. Again looks to be a record setting year for number of Grey Whales at San Ignacio Lagoon.

Census: Jan. 26, 2011 - San Ignacio Lagoon
Adult Gray Whales:  76
Gray Whale Calves:  35
Total Gray Whales:  111

Gray Whale Census January 20, 2011

This is the first official census of the season. And based on the numbers it looks to be one of the BEST seasons for a potentially large migration for this year.

Census: Jan. 20, 2011 - San Ignacio Lagoon
Adult Gray Whales:  41
Gray Whale Calves: 19
Total Gray Whales:  60