Monday, February 25, 2019

Guide Report

It’s been almost a year…

By Lorna Hill FEB 2018

It’s been almost a year since Rodrigo and I made the long journey up from the Southern tip of Baja California, to San Ignacio Lagoon, and I welcome that feeling of “returning home”, to a place we hold special in our hearts. We always really look forward to that time of year when we can get in our trusty, faithful campervan and just hit the road, become vagabonds again and venture North, excited in anticipation of being able to spend several months back with the whales, at our beloved Campo Cortez.

On our way along the dusty road that leads to the camp, we were first met by Captains Robert and Paco, who were fixing up all the signs along the road. Maldo and his family spend a few months preparing for each season; repairing the signs, checking the roads, lining the paths around the camp with fresh shells, setting up the cabins, the bathrooms, the palapa and the kitchen with solar panels and wind turbines, preparing the boats and, of course, watching out for the whales as they start to arrive to the lagoon.

With the full moon, comes the high tides. The camp gets flooded with water and the birds have to wait a while until the tide goes out before they can feast on the food that lies in the sand. However, the first guests to arrive at the camp luck out as they take the opportunity to get out on the kayak. A beautiful way to get over to the mangroves and see the birds, resting in their tranquil home.

Recently, we saw a very small baby whale – so tiny in comparison to it’s mother! It is such a beautiful sight to see as they wont stay tiny for long. The baby needs to feed and grow quickly, preparing itself for the outside world – the world outside the lagoon!
The next coming months will bring new life, birth, spring and the anticipated arrival of many more whales!

Tune in for more action in our next blog!

Cheers for now!

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