Sunday, February 24, 2019

Guide Report: Flying High

Flying High

By Lorna Hill

21st February 2019

I was lucky enough to escort a group to Ensenada from San Ignacio airstrip, via a 12-seater Cessna Caravan, and I was completely awestruck by the magnificent topography of the Baja landscape.

Just after we took off, we were greeted by a heady mix of bluish hues of san Ignacio Lagoon to our left and the sparkling crystal whites of the salt flats to our right.

We flew over the infamous Scammon’s Lagoon, or Ojo de Liebre (“Eye of the Hare”) as the locals call it, where the waters once ran red with blood from the whalers decimating the families of whales who spend the winters in these otherwise sanctuaries.

Moving past this Northern-most lagoon, we are aesthetically splendored by the beautiful contrasting brown-yellow colour of the terra and the glorious turquoise tones of the shallow coastline of the Pacific Ocean.

Over land once again, we look down and spot the greenhouses of the farmers growing cucumbers, lettuces and other crops, which are transported to USA for selling.

Despite digging deep wells to draw up water, how they grow these crops on this crisp dry land is incredible.

Whilst still pondering this, you can then spot where the glaciers have left the gorged out valleys, interlocking and faceted spurs and dendritic patterns, so minute in the distance resembling the leaf veins of a tree.

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