Monday, February 25, 2019

Guide Report: Low Tide Walk

Low tide walks by Lorna Hill

March 2018

During a trip to Campo Cortez, you will (usually depending on tides and weather but most likely, you will) have the opportunity to go on one of our well traveled “low tide walks”. This is where we wait for the tide to go out (as far as possible), we don our rubber boots and head out onto the sand flats, looking for all the different types of clams, scallops, and critters in the sand and pools. It is always a lot of fun and if we’re lucky, we might find an octopus or two hiding out in a old, no-longer-used pen shell in the sand, either feeding or closely guarding her eggs. So careful where you tread and keep your eyes well peeled!

We also enjoy going out to find one of the other bottom dwelling residents of San Ignacio Lagoon – anyone care to guess which one this is, peeping out of the hole?

Stay tuned!

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