Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Guide Report-Gray Whales-San Ignacio Lagoon

Guide Report
Gray Whales at San Ignacio Lagoon

Campo Cortez at San Ignacio lagoon, Baja Ca. Sur. Mexico

March 1st-5th, 2013Highs in the lower 70'sLows in the 40sWinds 8-32mph

We had lots of friendlies coming and going throughout the trip!! Numerous times the friendly calf came up in a spy hopping position just to get a kiss :) We had the pleasure of viewing many cows and calves swimming close by and diving right under the boat. Then the whales would come right up within arms reach for us to give them a vigorous scratching. We would scratch along the lips and the calf would open it's mouth with a big smile to show us the baleen!! 

We were able to get some of the videos right into the calves mouth, while we observed the baleen with the tongue exposed. What a crazy experience! Not many guest have the opportunity to see into the gray whale's mouth, especially with a great, happy smile. We are always looking forward to see what the next whale watching session will bring! It seems as though the mating has been decreasing and the play times are starting to increase as March progresses. 

Christopher Match
Whale Watching & Sea Kayaking Guide
Baja Ecotours

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