Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Guide Report-Gray Whales-San Ignacio Lagoon

Guide Report
San Ignacio lagoon, Baja Ca. Sur. Mexico
Campo Cortez at Laguna San Ignacio

Report: March 01 thru 05, 2013

By: Pamela Sanchez

Awesome sunshine and heat! This group had the most amazing luck with the weather… from the winter; it seems that we had moved to summer without a doubt! We have enjoyed the beautiful grey whales on t-shirts and believe me that is the first for me! The lagoon gave us a break from the bad wind and surprised us with a calm and still water that was epic! And as you can imagine, with good weather, we have found more active babies, playing nicely in the surface, jumping and trying to breach, while mama stays close to help him with anything. It is beautiful to see how this behaviour encourages the mothers to become playful and roll, jump and play with both, their babies and us! How lucky are we?

I am sure some of you will be happy to know that on the 2nd of this month, some captain saw CUCARACHAAAAAAA! Apparently he was with his mother at the end of the lagoon, close to the moth where it meets with the sea. Maybe that is the reason why we have not been able to see him for all these days! It is nice to know we can keep hoping to meet him once more before he goes away! Miss you so much little character!

The lagoon is nearly free of erotic behaviour… The adults that came to mate here, are already going away and we have reach the point where the change from activity is already taking place. Now it is time for the mothers and babies to colonise all the space! And from now on, that is exactly what it is going to happened! The possibility of encountering a “friendly whale” increases just because they are the only ones left here! I should tell you that sometimes, males arras females with babies even when they are not sexually receptive and that in our whale watcher point of view is not good news! It makes the mothers and their babies to run away and stress them unnecessarily. From now on it will be just you little ones, your mothers and US! Let’s enjoy!

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