Monday, March 11, 2013

Grey Whale Guide Report: March 5-9

Guide Report

Grey Whales at San Ignacio LagoonCampo Cortez at San Ignacio lagoon, Baja Ca. Sur. MexicoMarch 5th thru 9th , 2013

By: Pamela Sanchez

Some people have luck with the whale trips and the sightings, but this is the group with more encounters from all the ones we had so far! Just one time (the last trip) they didn´t touch a whale! The other five opportunities, they touched mothers and babies and even single females on heat that were displaying courtship behaviour by rolling on their backs, showing their tails and pectoral fins and becoming very friendly! We had two at one occasion at one point were we had two females approaching to the boat and playing with each other and us for more than 45 minutes! I must say that was incredible!

We had a “crazy” whale (the name remained after various attacks!) following different boats and slapping tails next to us! We think is a male not in the best mood for whatever reason… or perhaps he confused us with a female whale and was flirting with us!!!! You can imagine the stories we came up with while and after the events with the whale!
We managed to see coyotes around the camp! After a few attempts to find them in the evening and night, we saw them! As well, our beautiful couple of ospreys that live in the artificial platform where their nest lays, still on the baby business! The second time she tried to incubate seems to be the good one! She is being so dedicated for the last 12 days now, leaving the place just for a few minutes to feel her muscles again (I guess…). He has been bringing food and collaborating with its part like a good father will do.
Our list of species observed keeps on growing, and we hope that for the end of the season will be full! We have right now 46 species between birds, mammals and reptiles. We encourage everyone to increase it!!! Come and see!  

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