Saturday, March 2, 2013

Guide Report Feb. 25-Mar01, 2013

Guide Report

San Ignacio lagoon, Baja Ca. Sur. Mexico

Guide Report from Campo Cortez at San Ignacio Lagoon
Gray Whales: 2013 Season

Feb. 25-March 1st
Highs in the upper 60s
Lows in the upper 30s
Winds 12-39mph

We had a great first morning of whale watching. We were able to observe the whales feeding throughout the morning with bottle nose dolphin passing by the boat on numerous occasions. The afternoon whale watching was with a few curious cows and calfs circling around the boat while the rest of the laguna seemed to be splashing about in courtship with one another. We had the honor of Maldo as our boat driver!

We observed lots of spy hopping whales and had the privilege to play with a few passing by solo adults. Where one adult female would swim on her side, pretty much during the whole encounter. Where she would play hide and seek with us for about a half hour on and off between letting us pet her. Next, we found an extremely playful calf who is about 2 months old with the mother swimming playful by. 

I was able to scratch along the lips and the calf opened his mouth to expose the balleen. :) What a great group and such an amazing whale watching experience!

All the best,
Christopher Match
Whale Watching & Sea Kayaking Guide
Baja Ecotours

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