Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Spring times: Guide Report

I always love this time of year… It’s a feeling of new, a feeling of rebirth, although it comes from a pattern of something that has happened before. The whales are very active now, we can see their sense of spirit, perhaps we can call it excitement – it’s a big time for them. The mothers have their calves and everyday they must teach them the necessary knowledge before their big journey back up North. There are 3 juvenile males in the lagoon who just love to put on a performance. We see one of them spy-hopping continually in the waves and another just loves to dive, showing off his fluke as he dives down. Sometimes they come to the boat, one at each side and they just lie below the surface, looking up at us, their big eyes even bigger when magnified in the water.

We have another exciting “birth” in the camp and that is in the form of our feathered friends. One of the nests that houses that Osprey has now got 3 little eggs! We need to do a check around this time to see whether there are eggs in the nest as it is our duty to take care of the Osprey as much as possible. San Ignacio Lagoon is not only a sanctuary for the whales but also for the birds – there are about 50 different species of birds found here at the lagoon, it has also been noted that there are more Ospreys nesting here than usual… our nest-protection efforts have worked!
What we try to ask people when they come is not to stand too long near the nests of the Ospreys, especially when they have eggs, as the birds fly off when you come close, therefore the eggs are exposed. If they are exposed for more than 15 minutes, they will get cold and die. So please bring your long lenses or just enjoy from a distance!

What an enjoyment it is to see it all coming to life, it's getting busy.... 

Looking forward to seeing you all here at Campo Cortez!

Lorna Hill
San Ignacio Lagoon
8th February 2017

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