Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Guide Report: San Ignacio Lagoon

Guide Camp Report  Jan-Feb: Families & Friends - The Heart of the Matter!

Noly Lira

February 22, 2017
We are in full swing with our Gray Whale season here at San Ignacio Lagoon, and as whales and people once again converge on this special body of water, it seems to bring out the best in both species.  It’s barely a month into the season, but we have already witnessed many of the wonderful behaviors of the Pacific Gray Whales that have migrated down from their summer feeding grounds.  

The adult whales have been playing and socializing, while the cows have been nursing, nurturing and teaching their young calves all about the lagoon.

While the whales have made their arduous journey from thousands of miles away, our guests have also traveled great distances to watch them.  So far, we have had visitors from all over the United States, some have driven from Arizona & Texas, and others have flown in from Germany and the United Kingdom.  

Our guests have included inquisitive professionals from many fields of scientific study, as well as people just looking to make another check on their bucket list.  

They all eventually become an extended family by the end of their unique experience at Campo Cortez.


Witnessing a wild, 50-ton mother gray whale nudging her baby up to the side of a panga so that members of another species can caress them is a truly remarkable experience that isn’t found anywhere else on earth.  When I am doing my own observations with my cetacean research, I marvel at the whales' behaviors and often wonder which of the two species is doing the "observing".

There are many activities to participate in at Campo Cortez, including beginning your morning with a meditative stretch, kayaking, walking the camp and observing the many incredible birds and flora, and even trying your hand at shaping the perfect (and authentic) tortilla in the camp's family kitchen.

Or decompress with a dance, or do nothing at all.


Either way, we are all looking forward to experiencing many more activities in and around the lagoon and of course incredible whale encounters.  Everyone here at camp hopes you can join us soon.
Noly, Naturalist/Guide- Baja Eco Tours

"One touch of Nature makes the Whole World Kin!"   ~ William Shakespeare

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