Sunday, February 15, 2015

Guide Report - San Ignacio Lagoon

San Ignacio Lagoon Guide Report

Gray Whales at San Ignacio Lagoon

Feb 11-15
by Stephan Kolditz

Our first trips were once again very successful. We were lucky enough to witness the show of a juvenile gray whale breaching twenty times in a row, quite close to the pangas ! The grays were not the only residents of the lagoon we got a chance to see : every day, we spotted some California sea lions, bottlenose dolphins, common loons or brandt’s geese.
The baby gray whales are progressively getting used to our presence and on some occasions their moms allow them to play with us. Almost all our guests if not all of them got the possibility to pet a baby or an adult. 
On the last day, the weather forecast announced a thunderstorm, but fortunately we were able to go out at sea without getting wet by the pouring rain that started to fall during the night.

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