Thursday, February 13, 2014

San Ignacio Lagoon Guide Report-Gray Whales

Guide Report
Gray Whales of San Ignacio Lagoon
February 9-13, 2014
By: Liisa Juuti

The whale camp at Campo Cortez was full of action and emotions. On the whale watching trips we were really lucky: everyone got to experience a direct encounter with this amazingly friendly migrating mammal. It was wonderful to see the different phases of the gray whales' stay at San Ignacio Lagoon; the males conquering the females, the mating involving at least 2 males and a female, and the protective mothers with their newly borns. There are more whales at the lagoon than for many years, so we didn't spend much time looking for them! There was a particularly friendly whale coming up to each of the three boats to get his scratch and splash us in return.

The weather at Campo Cortez was gorgeous allowing us to go kayaking at sunset, do some jogging, play football, observe the osprey protecting his nest and listen to the whales breathing close to the shore. The tranquility is just overwhelming here. Catalina's food was very much loved, people begging for the recipe for the delicious chilaquiles. The most exciting moment for me was an eye contact with a coyote on my way to the bathroom in the early hours or the day. He was only two meters away, and for a few seconds we just stayed there, looking at each other, 2 creatures of this planet. Thank you, Campo Cortez, for this unique experience!

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