Thursday, February 27, 2014

Guide Report 1: Feb.27, 2014

Guide Report
Gray Whales of San Ignacio Lagoon
February 27, 2014
By: Hayley Carmody

Our new group at Campo Cortez traveled across the Atlantic from England. They came on a tour from Natural Travel Company with their guide Mark Carwardine. Everyone came with the hopes of seeing and touching whales, but they also wanted to get camera lessons from Mark. Mark is a nature photographer and every day gave a wrokshop on cameras. His workshops were ensightful and entertaining as he showed us pictures of one of his favorite models, the Gray Whale. Out on the boat everyone was practicing what they had learned and spent a lot of time looking at whales through their camera lens.

On the first day out we had a very friendly whale. The mother put the boat on her stomach and gave everyone a ride around the lagoon. The baby swam around the boat and eventually worked up the courage to come pet the people. Everywhere we looked we saw mothers and babies and the occasional mating. The last census counted 73 calves and 170 adults with a total population of 243 whales.

Our most famous animal in San Ignacio Lagoon is the gray whale, but we also like to inform our guests on the surrounding flora and fauna. We take people on plant walks where we appreciate the mangroves and when the tide is right into the mud flats. Maldo and Cuco pointed out octopi that were hidden in scallop shells, crabs running around and the stingrays swimming in the shallow water. These experiences make people appreciate Laguna San Ignacio for more than just amazing whales.

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