Sunday, February 17, 2013

Guide Report
San Ignacio Lagoon
Feb. 17, 2013

5 day air trip Feb. 13-17 group
By Pamela Sanchez

It is hard to say goodbye to people whom you had shared so much intensity, and of course, this one has been a difficult one to let go! We had amazing luck with the whales! We encounter a few mothers and babies friendly enough to play with us for a long time and let us touch them over and over again! They rolled on their backs and scratch their tummies with the boat! We got splashed so many times that as soon as we came back to camp, all of us had to change our clothes to dry ones! All worth it for sure! Especially when 3 mothers and their respective babies surrounded our boats and delight us with their breaching and playful behaviour… No words to describe the joy of the face of everyone!

As an amazing discovery this trip, I have to focus on the adult grey whale that breached 9 consecutive times not far from our boat… In every trip, the list of amazing behaviour fact of these species get fatter and fatter and I am pretty sure it will keep surprising us all for the next weeks until the season is over.
This time we have included on our sighting species list, the loggerhead turtle! We saw as well a Californian Sea Lion travelling fast on the lagoon! We had the visit in the night of a little group of coyotes and of course, the amazing bird family that enriches the morning music with their characteristic singings… My favourite? The American oystercatcher! 
Enjoy the most amazing sunset with our beautiful neighbours, the ospreys!

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