Friday, February 22, 2013

Guide Report Feb. 17-21

Guide Report
San Ignacio lagoon-Gray Whales

Week of Feb. 17-21
By Christopher Match

Feb. 17-21, 2013
HIghs in the upper 60s
Lows in the upper 40s

      This group had all sorts of crazy weather but no one seems to mind after a whale watching experience turns into a friendly whale playing experience. We had on numerous occasions the pleasure of playing with a mom (cow) and a baby (calf) gray whales. The calf often gets tired while swimming in the stronger currents and will prop itself up on the cow for a chance to rest while interacting with us. When the water is choppy or rough, we usually see a lot of whales spy hopping and breaching off in the distance. In the photos, you will see us playing with a friendly whale that was named "Princessa." 

Also notice in the picture of Princessa spy hopping close to our boat while see exhales through her blowhole. She loved to roll over and over while we had the privilege to scratch her on her belly. We examined the barnacles on her head and took caution when petting her not to cut our fingers. When this does occur, again, no one seems to mind at all. It's just such an amazing experience that takes place and everyone is filled with joy. We had an afternoon of slight rain, where it casted a rainbow off in the distance while we were in the observation area. I was able to catch a spy hop and the rainbow in the same frame!!

All the best,
Christopher Match
Whale Watching & Sea Kayaking Guide
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