Thursday, February 21, 2013

Gray Whale Guide Report
San Ignacio Lagoon

5 day air trip Feb. 17-21
by Pamela Sanchez

Yes, I have to admit… some people really get into you and this big group with their energy, sense of humour and amazing enthusiasm, has been an unforgettable adventure to let go! What a nice mixture of ages and good vibe! We had live music (guitar and voices) and dancing going on in the nights, completely unexpected. I am telling you that the term here of “happy hour” has to be changed to happy evening!

One of the most amazing things of this job (apart from watching the whales everyday) is the people you meet. Being able to share the incredible feeling of touching a whale it almost feels like a miracle! And yes, we did touch whales, so many in fact! With the pass of the weeks, we have more and more babies (although we still have mating going on in the area too) in the lagoon, so we have more opportunities to find mothers with their calves to interact with them. Sometimes, we have an adult on its own that gets close to us but it is an unusual situation. The news this week is that we have a new baby in town! His name is “Cucaracha” and once you meet him, you cannot prevent yourself from falling in love with him. He is playful, full of life and likes to interact with people, play with the boat and get on top of mum. He is so beautiful too, with very characteristic white/grey markings on the lateral sides of his little body. I am sure that I will be able to get a picture of him soon… I will share it with you!

Temperatures went down a little bit but we had a couple of walks to our “bone museum” on the beach. It is really beautiful and relaxing to go around the mangroves on low tide and learn about the prints and other signs animals leave for us to discover their steps! The advantage of doing so late in the afternoon is to come back to the camp with the sunset on the other side… The osprey nest on the background and the pink colouration on the sky. Good for the brave ones that came to this extra activities… Cold but so worth it!
Beautiful people, you will be missed! 

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  1. This is Ben. Thanks for the great description Pamela! We had a great time too!

    (posted for him by his mother, Kathleen, who also had a GREAT time!!