Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Spectacular Whale Watching Trip by Addie Band: age 9

February 17, 2012
My Spectacular Whale Watching Trip!
Bh:  Addie Band, age 9

My whale watching trip was the best vacation ever! I got to touch both a baby whale and its mother! Their skin felt soft and thick, sort of like a hard-boiled egg but sturdier. I felt awed by their big size and yet they were so friendly and gentle. 

Each whale watching expedition was special in its own way. No two trips were exactly alike. I was surprised at the large number of whales in the lagoon, and I got to see spy hopping, breaching, “footprints”, mating and mothers with babies. The entire staff was very friendly and knowledgeable about the whales, camp and lagoon. Pati and Tom did a great job teaching all about whales. 

I really like how this camp is environmentally friendly and treats the environment with respect. I enjoyed the wonderful food, the comfortable cabins and also the sweet camp dog named Mika. I would definitely recommend this thrilling and awesome trip! 

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