Sunday, March 9, 2014

Guide Report: San Ignacio Lagoon

Gray Whales of San Ignacio LagoonGuide Report

March 9, 2014
By: Hayley Carmody

Every trip out at Campo Cortez is different and exciting in its own way. The baby whales are becoming more curious and even though there are not as many whales in the lagoon since the singles are leaving, they are more interested in people. Through the season we see a change in the behavior of whales. When the whales first arrive they are not interested in people, but allow us to watch as they do all sorts of mating displays. Then there is a shift and the whales begin to come up to the boats to pet people. It always amazes me how a whale for no apparent reason will come up to a boat full of screaming people.

This week for the first time we cut one whale watching trip to go to the  mangroves that surround the lagoon. Mangrove forests are amazing; they provide an area for migrating birds, as well as protecting the fish. The mangroves in San Ignacio lagoon are the red and white. These plants are similar to marine mammals because they were land beings that have begun to go back into the water. Taking people through the mangroves they could see the importance of these plants. Not only are they amazing plants that are able to grow in such an extreme environment, but they are extremely important as they are the nurseries for a lot of sea life. People began to appreciate mangroves and realize the importance for conservation of these plants.

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