Saturday, March 10, 2012

Guide Report Week of: Mar. 04 thru 08

Guide Report: March 04 thru 08
San Ignacio Lagoon


Weather: Highs in the mid 50's to upper 70's

               Lows in the mid 30's to upper 40's

Winds between 7mph to 40 mph

    This group had an excellent start off as well. They had three beautiful days playing with friendly moms and calves. Some guest had the opportunity to touch the baleen and even see the tongue of a baby! When a whale is friendly and next to the boat we encourage the viewers to reach out their hands for a scratch on the mouth. This strategy often ends with the friendly mouth opening up with a huge smile. Then you can reach in and touch the baleen while dragging your hand gently across the jawline. Sometimes a hitchhiker (sea lice) will attach itself to your finger. If that's the case, it does NOT hurt but we'd like to keep the lice as a sample to bring back to our camp for a closer observation under the lighted microscope.

  We had five researchers from NOAA join us at the camp. They wanted to  place satellite tags on twenty of the gray whales before the whales start the journey up north back to Alaska. The researchers were able to accomplish this in two full days of work. The tags will hopefully stay on for a full migration but often will fall off in a matter of a month. You can follow the tracking at this website
……May the whales have a safe journey up north!

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