Thursday, February 13, 2014

San Ignacio Lagoon Guide Report

Guide Report
Gray Whales of San Ignacio Lagoon
February 9-13
By: Hayley Carmody


San Ignacio Lagoon is full of whales. Every direction that we looked whales were playing and mating. As we drifted along with the current the whales followed. One day we had a whale follow the boat for 40 minutes spy hopping. It was almost as the whale was practicing to get the best spy hop because each one was a different style. It would swim along and then bring its body out of the water to look at us. While we watched this whale there were other whales that swam around under the boat.

On the second day out there was a whale that was drawn to Katy 2. It was a small whale who played with the boat, pushing it around and splashing. After a little the whale swam away and did 3 breaches behind the boats. The whale was thanking us and saying bye! The 3 breaches gave us time to get the perfect picture and appreciate the size and grace of the gray whales.

The third day provided the opportunity for everyone to touch a whale. Everyone hopes to be the lucky person that a whale is drawn to, but everything that happens here is on the whale’s terms. There was one friendly whale that took turns swimming up to each of the boats to say hello. As people stuck their hands into the water we could hear the scream of joy as they touched a whale for the first time.