Sunday, February 10, 2013

Guide Report
Laguna San Ignacio
At Campo Cortez

February 5-9 Bus-Fly Guided trip with James Dorsey
By Pamela Sanchez

Being the first group, they got our best and fresh welcome to the Camp! They stayed for  3 nights with us and made the best of it! We had an amazing experience with the grey whales, being able to scratch and kiss (yes, I know it sounds incredible but it did happened… even the guides did) a beautiful female whale that decided to amaze us with her company for more than half an hour asking for love like a pup would do! We were absolutely thrilled!

One of the nights, we celebrated Maldo´s birthday, the creator of this amazing CORTEZ CAMP! He didn’t want to tell us how old but we guessed that as long you are surrounded by such a landscape and magical creatures, time becomes just a word in your mouth without more meaning than that!

Everyone had a happy face all day long, for the time they were here! Wouldn´t you? Best service, best food, best company, the friendliest whales in the world and so much stuff learned. I hope we will see each other soon… Otherwise, the experience we had lived together it will be part of our most precious memories!

Than you all for sharing!!!!!

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