Thursday, February 14, 2013

Gray Whale Report

Guide ReportCampo Cortez at San Ignaco Lagoon

Feb 9th-13th, 2013
HIghs in the mid-60's
Lows in the mid-30's
Winds averaging 15-20mph
It's great to be back in the Laguna San Ignacio!! This group had a lot of fun watching the whales court one another, as mating was in full display. We observed numerous courtships, as two males would pursue one female in hope of releasing it's offspring to start the gestation period for the female Gray Whale. Notice in the picture, the two male's genitalia, the "pink floyd" wrapping around the female. Followed by quite vigorous splashing about.

    The tides were perfect for kayaking around the mangroves nearby, while searching for the migratory birds that nest above the all you can eat seafood buffet. As the smaller fish take shelter amongst the aerial roots of the Red Mangroves they also hide from the predators that are lurking below. Paco, son of Maldo, escorted the group with myself, in search of a nearby octopus to observe. As we scattered about, stepping over the bountiful Pen Shells or better known as Scallops. :) 

We also found numerous Chocolate Clams to crack open to help lure the octopus out of it's dark, neatly placed shells around the hole, in which it hides during the low tide.
It was an amazing trip to experience, and everyone seemed to really enjoy the fun in the sun while splashing about. I hope you can make it down soon!!

All the best, 
Christopher Match
Gray Whale Watching & Sea Kayaking Guide
Baja Ecotours

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