Saturday, February 16, 2013

Gray Whale Report

Reporte segunda semana de febreroReport from second week of February

Dates: Feb. 10-15, 2013-03

By Pamela Sanchez

They arrived together form different places and rapidly they fit in! Barbara and Don have an amazing smile and sense of humour that we appreciate so much! They brought with them Boomer, a 14 year old dog that enriched the homogeneous landscape of the high marshes vegetation. Jenny and Joel from the UK, the youngest couple so far, hooked with the guides at a point where we watched the stars all together!

Don managed to get amazing pictures of birds and whales and probably he shot the moment we were lucky enough to spot three coyotes on the beach, collecting the left overs the tide imprisoned on the little paddles of salt water (see picture!) . Having all the info he needed about the birds species in the area, Don immortalised in his camera Oystercatchers, White ibis, Sand pipers and Branta Goose among others! As well, he got a lot of pictures with Joel´s head and Pamela´s hat, but that is another story!!!

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