Friday, February 24, 2012

Linda & John's 5 day air trip

Linda & John Henry who joined our Feb. 09 air trip were kind enough to share some pictures from their trip to Campo Cortez & San Ignacio Lagoon as well as their comments listed below:

Comments from the Henry's:
Hey guys – we posted our comments on Trip Advisor Reviews but wanted to just pass on a note to you as well.  We miss Maria and Maldo and Chris – and the whales!  Still in the Whale Zone that all you guys put us in, and we’re there happily.  Please pass on our thanks and best wishes to the delightful and exceptional human beings there are the camp.  Those lovely, genuine people are your greatest assets.  Maria’s smile is the brightest light on the planet.

All the best,
Linda & John Henry
Encinitas, CA

Our Aircraft: Cessna Grand Caravan

Cool Cessna Citation took us down to San Ignacio Lagoon from Ensanada. 
It landed in the dirt in the middle of nowhere.  We took a 45-minute bus ride from there to where we stayed.
(We got to Ensanada by bus from a San Diego hotel.)

John & Linda at Airstrip

Our little home away from home for 4 days and nights.  Talk about being on the beach!

Solar Cabins
Out of the Wind

Linda Relaxes in her Cabin
Pretty cozy, huh.

Linda got to spend about an hour with this baby.  He kept coming back for more touches, hugs, and kisses.   Can’t blame the little guy.

Gray Whale Calf
Gray Whale Mother

Little baby and big mama.
Mother & Calf

Linda’s hands, just before she kissed that little baby.
Gray Whale Calf only DAYS Old

Sunrise looking out the door of our hut at low tide…in a few hours, the view changed to high water.  Something accompanied by this scene can’t be duplicated….the tantalizing sounds of countless Brant Geese who winter here and myriad other shore birds all busy having breakfast and talking about it to any who listened.  Magical.

Sunrise in the Lagoon