Monday, February 13, 2012

Guide Report: Week of Feb.4-9

Week Feb. 4 to 9th

Weather: Highs with 80's through mid 60's throughout the trip.

               Lows in the upper 30's to mid 40's

We have well over 125 gray whales in the laguna right now and growing!! The "panga" (the motor boats we use for whale watching) at times have been surrounded by whales with the moms and babies circling around as well with bottle-nose dolphin swimming close to the boat. Our group was split into two pangas for a ninety minute whale watching experience that lasts a life time. We had the pleasure of meeting a "friendly" (whales that will swim next to the boat and your able to touch). A mom and baby circled around the panga for quite awhile as we waited with excitement for a chance to maybe touch this beautiful creature of the sea. Once known as the "devil-fish" through the locals years ago. We were shooting photos as fast as we could, in hope to capture this moment in time. Then the mother nudged her baby closer to the panga and became almost at arms reached. The anticipation grew. As we splashed the water and sang at the top of our lungs in hope to convince the whales to come closer. The baby brushed beside the boat as everyone that was close enough reached out there hands and had an opportunity of a life time. Finally!!! We were able to touch the baby whale as the mother swam close by the panga . As we looked into the eye of the baby whale, such joy passed through the entire boat. It was such a tranquil feeling that I know I will never forget. The mother then came close for a back scratch as well. What did it feel like? What was the whole experience like? There's no exact way to express the feeling in words. You will just have to find out for yourself. :)

As we returned to the cabins that make up a beautiful camp called "Cortez" we saw local fisherman searching the laguna floor for fresh scallops, clams and oysters. During the low tide as we entered the cove that is lined with red and white mangroves we saw two coyotes in search for the same food. One coyote was lucky enough to find an eel as the other searched for an octopus to eat. We returned to the camp. As we walked along the endless skyline of white puffy clouds that were held by the busiest sky that I've ever seen only to be greeted by the warm friendly staff that had made margaritas for us!

Definitely an afternoon that will forever live in my mind as a truly remarkable day. The experience awaits for you!!


Christopher Match