Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Guide Report: February 9 - 13, 2012

Camp Update & Whale Report 
by Naturalist Christopher Match

Week of Feb 9th to 13th

Whale count 136 on the 9th of Feb

Weather High: Mid 60's to High 70's

             Low: High 30's to Mid 40's

  Well the whales were friendly right off the bat for most of the
group on there first whale watching experience in Laguna San Ignacio.
After having a day of rain and high winds the night before, it simply
cleared out for there morning whale watching. The winds reached as
high as 28 mph at times and barely even a slight loft of air at other

We enjoyed kayaking through the mangrove maze in between whale
watching sessions with the sunshine helping to create a crystal clear
view in the water as herons squawked and searched for food. For not
being able to guarantee a chance to touch the whales. The experience
keeps getting better and better each day.

All the best,

Christopher Match