Thursday, March 6, 2014

Guide Report: San Ignacio Lagoon

Gray Whales of San Ignacio LagoonGuide Report

March 5, 2014
By: Hayley Carmody

We are always learning about the whales and people here at Campo Cortez. The whales are always changing along with the groups. Our second group of people from the UK came with a variety of artists. At times people read passages out of books they have written, and told stories of how they created their businesses. Hearing stories of how people connect with whales is always inspiring as we see how whales truly change people. The last day of the group Jonathan, and artist from the UK, lead a painting workshop where he showed us the art of painting wild life.

It has also become the time of the season where the ospreys are sitting on their eggs. The females spend most of their time at the nest while the males are out getting food. Sometimes the osprey tries to build nests on very inconvenient buildings. One male has made it his mission to build a nest on top of the bathrooms. Unfortunately for him this is also a very popular spot for people and he is often scared away as people approach. Ospreys are not like the gray whales and do not want people touching them.