Saturday, March 10, 2012

Guide Report: Week of Feb. 29 - Mar. 04

Guide Report: February 29 thru March 04
San Ignacio Lagoon


Week of 29th of Feb and 4th of March

Weather: Highs from mid 50's to upper 70's
               Lows in the 30's to upper 40's

    Where do I start..........? This group had the best first day of whale watching that I have ever seen. We had a beautiful morning cruise in the ponga to the observation area and found some splashing about off on the horizon. It was three whales involved in a mating ritual. We observed a couple of other males and another female moved in on the action as well. Spring has been sprung! We moved on to find an extremely happy mother and calve nearby. We played for the rest of the whale watching segment with them as the whales would gently glide from one side of the boat to another. They gave everyone an equal amount of time to pet and scratch as they would spyhop next to the boat and submerge back down. When the time was up for our segment of fun with the whales we returned back to the camp. As all the guest filled into the dinning hall, there was an eruption of excitement as they told each other there experience with the mighty "devilfish."