Friday, March 2, 2012

Guide Report: Feb. 21-25

Week of 21st to 25th of Feb

Weather: Highs in mid 50's to upper 70's
                Lows in mid 30's to upper 40's

   This was the first time that I've viewed whales mating in the observation area with still having a chance to play with a mother and calf!! Usually all the mothers and calves are far away working on swimming lessons and controlled movements of the flukes (tails). This group really lucked out!! We had plenty of friendlies to play with on this trip. We watched nursing take place while the bottlenose dolphin circled around trying to get a sweet taste of the mother's milk. We had fantastic weather with barely a breeze on the laguna at times (which never really happens this time of the year). With this, we really had to monitor our power usage since our dinning hall/living room and kitchen are all ran off of the wind turbines. However, all of our guest cabins remained at full charge with there personal battery and inverter attached with a solar panel. :) We had enough water to go kayaking around the outer rim of the mangroves, while observing the
amazing bird life and sting rays circling around.--A great trip and time had by all!

All the best,