Monday, March 9, 2015

It's Not Just The Whales

More Than Just Whales San Ignacio Lagoon

By: James Dorsey

While the whales are the main attraction at San Ignacio Lagoon, there is so much more to see and do when not on the water.

Many people do not realize that the lagoon is a self- contained eco-system, unique in the world, and home to countless creatures both big and small that most visitors walk right past and never see.

At low tide the coyotes hunt at the water line and if they are fortunate they might dig up a tasty eel for their evening dinner.  Baby octopus hide under rock ledges waiting for human fingers to find them and pull them out, and occasionally we even see the tiniest of newborn lobsters.

A few short steps from Campo Cortez we dig up fresh chocolate clams and scallops, eating them right out of the shell with a bit of fresh lime.

Shucking Scallops at Low Tide

This is life at campo Cortez, a place full of beautiful people in love with their home and the creatures they share it with.

And They are Great Raw

When you are there, stop to watch the sunset and realize you are surrounded by nature as it has always been intended