Thursday, January 22, 2015

Whale Migration Comparison THIS year vs. Others

January Migration 2015 vs. Previous Years

What is it and is it drastically different? 

....Absolutely!! in fact how about by a factor by 2.5 x many more than the average of the previous ten if you see 200 whales Jan. 9, then this year there about about 500 compared to previous years....these are the statistcs from the American Cetacian Society out of Los Angeles and their actual whale counts: see below......

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The bottom line is we are seeing record numbers of whales at San Ignacio Lagoon and unfortunately there are very few visitors...Most visitors get their information form old websites and just plane old information about when whales are here in the lagoons....There are only a few boats on the lagoon today taking whale watchers to see the show of a lifetime....

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  1. This is exciting news!!!! Hopefully they will still be there 3rd week in March when we come! SO EXCITED! =)))