Monday, February 21, 2011

Feb. 17-21 Guide Report by Patrycja Kaczynska

February 17-21, 2011

Last year we once had a group of about 25 guests, and among them was a very nice young woman whose trip to the lagoon was her birthday gift. After few days of whale-watching everyone had touched a whale at least once except her. Though it’s certainly not something we can guarantee, we were all feeling so sorry for her. So on the last outing we tried everything to find a friendly whale for her. And nothing. Slowly our time expired and we had to leave the whale-watching area. And then on the way back something incredible happened. Suddenly a whale appeared from nowhere, came straight to that woman, let her pet for a few seconds and disappeared again. It was just amazing. Somehow I always believed that whale and dolphins can read our mind and feel our energy so, that experience made my faith in telepathy with whales even stronger :-)

The group this week also had very nice and close encounters with whales, but just as the previous story only one woman hadn’t touched a whale. That was our last trip on the boat. I told her and the rest of the group the story to keep the positive attitude and hope. And you might not believeit, but it happened again! A whale came up to our boat and put its head out of the water exactly in the place where Karen was sitting. Unfortunately she was looking the other direction… When she saw the whale it was too late. It was gone. But fortunately not for long. The whale came back again, looked up to the boat like checking where Karen was and gave her its head to pet. Our second boat was watching this all and everyone started applauding and cheering as the whale disappeared and was not to be seen again. We were so happy for Karen. And now I am not the only one to believe in the amazing telepathy with these wonderful animals :-) 

Patrycja O’Brien – whalewatching guide

Photo A by Sue Keydel: Karen cheering

Photo B by Rob Cormack: Ann Petting